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Interview with Spot On Business: Agility for the Long Haul

On November 1st at 2:00pm ET (11:00am PT) for about 45- to 60-minutes, Gil Broza will have me on as an interview guest on his series “Spot On Business” talking about “Agility for the Long Haul”. You may sign up at to be part of the conversation. Here is a brief description of the interview topic:

If you’ve already started using Agile methods, surely you’ve seen just how much change and adaptation are involved — already at the single team level!
If you’ve already applied Agile methods across a program, or several unrelated teams, you’d have noticed that their performance is constrained by downstream and upstream functions. Your teams are likely saying, “We need marketing and sales and the business units and operations to also act like us in order to really make an impact.”
And if you’ve been using Agile for more than a couple of years, is performance still great, or is it eroding? Are the Agile mechanisms slowly giving way to “business as usual”?
Please come and join us for the interview.

AgileEVM Chosen as a Top 12 Startup Finalist at First Look Forum

We are truly excited that AgileEVM has been chosen as 1 of the top 12 finalists for the First Look Forum, an event put on by Northwest Entrepreneur Network (NWEN). The entire process has been an amazing and informative experience thus far. We have received coaching from some of the best in the NWEN community on our business plan, executive summary, product pitch, and much more already. If you are part of a startup that does not already have funding and want to learn how to hone your business, we definitely recommend being part of the next NWEN First Look Forum.

Integrating Quality into Portfolio Management, PMI Silicon Valley Chapter Dinner Meeting Jan 2011

This presentation focused on two themes: asserting quality – an opportunity agile presents – and leveraging adaptive planning, which is a consequence of agile software development. AgileEVM became a big part of this talk when the audience requested more information about it at dinner.