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Chris Sterling¬†has an extensive technology, process, and consulting background and brings his experience and deep passion for software development into his daily work. Chris published the book Managing Software Debt: Building for Inevitable Change with Addison-Wesley in 2010 to provide a framework for teams and organizations to assess and manage debt in their software systems. He has spoken at many conferences and user groups on topics such as continuous delivery, software architecture, technology management, Lean and Agile processes, and Lean Startup. Chris has taught the “Advanced Topics in Agile Software Development” class at the University of Washington in the Agile Developer Certificate extension program. Chris has also successfully supported the efforts of organizational change, Lean, Agile, and Continuous Delivery across multiple verticals with organizations in range of 10 up to 800 people.

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17 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Finally come to your site today. Thanks for your comments and link to my blog. Sounds like we are on the same page to enable agility rather than comand and control. A mature industry shoud be simple, agile and cost efficient. IT industry in this regard still have a long way to go.

    The link to my site does not seems work right. I have connected the dots of my thought to put together a book proposal “EA for dummies”. Please review and comment for me to improve.


  2. I really enjoyed Chris’s ScrumMaster course and highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning better (the best?) ways to manage software development projects!

    Better yet: anything in life that is time/resource dependent! (Isn’t that everything?)

    Thanks Chris! I’ll remember you when I’m rich! :)

  3. Chris is an Amazing Scrum Leader; I realized that when I was working with him in Dublin, Ireland with one of our Customer while he was educating them on Agile/Scrum.

    I have also worked with Chris on a True Agile Project & I enjoyed every day of that project.

    Chris, you Rock!!!

  4. Hi Chris,

    The training last week was great and I am excited to use the Scrum framework for development projects but also to apply the framework non-development projects in and outside of work!!


  5. Hi Chris,

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog very much. Having said that, it’d be an honor if we could work to repost some of your articles to our network (DZone). Please shoot me an email.

    Wei Ling

  6. Intersted to read this blog. Can anybody recommend any freelance certfied SCRUM trainers operating in the UK please?

  7. Chris,

    Really enjoyed your Managing software debt session at the Agile conference in Vancouver. This was an incredible eye opener for someone who is now responsible and accountible for a massive legacy code base with an enormous amount of debt.

  8. Chris,

    I am trying to reply to an email you sent but my reply is being blocked by your corporate firewall. Please forgive this post, but you asked for an urgent reply.


  9. I noticed you RE my Twitter about Corey

    Then I saw your twitters, and see you are an interesting guy!

    If you have an email and talk, let me know.

    Have you seen my CE book? I’d like to send you a link


  10. Hi,

    This is Swapna from TechRP. I have an urgent job requirement for a client in Pleasanton, find the details below and pls respond back with your updated Resume immediately.

    Certified Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer Scrum Master
    Pleasanton, CA
    6+ Months

    Healthcare exp will be preferred.


    – 7 years Project Management
    – 3 years Scrum coaching
    – 3 years Scrum training
    – CSC (Certified Scrum Coach) or
    – CST (Certified Scrum Trainer)
    – Agile Exp is needed

    – PMP * a plus
    – Healthcare exp would be preferred.


    – Minimum of 10+ years of working in IT organizations with a broad base of experiences that include software development, database engineering, network management, system engineering, data center operations, help desk, and project management.

    – Minimum of 10+ years experience managing implementations of large-scale, complex, multi-disciplined, cross-functional and highly visible projects, with budgets of $20 million or more and cross organizational teams over 60 people with up to 8 interdependent projects and/or 2 large programs.

    – Minimum of 5+ years of information strategic technologies experience working on Web Development, Oracle/PeopleSoft ERP projects

    – Must be deeply experienced in Project Management Methodologies.

    – Demonstrates extensive experience in executive client relationship management.

    – Proven success required working with executive clients on enterprise projects.

    – Prefer program manager with business management, IT operations or customer support, and technology development background.

    – Excellent verbal/written communication skills and previous experience managing large complex projects with multiple tracks.

    – Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or MIS or equivalent experience.
    – MBA or professional Certification is a plus.

    Pls feel free to call me anytime but pls let me know.

    Thx & Regds,

    TechRP Inc
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  11. I never thought Scrum was so interesting. In the two weeks time, Chris made so many aspects of Scrum more than clear.
    It was really great to get started on Scrum, with Chris as the trainer.

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